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Welcome to our site

Welcome to our site

Welcome to our siteWelcome to our siteWelcome to our site


Reiki Healing


Information on reiki healing. Plus book a dual or single reiki healing session if you are in Flintshire or surrounding areas

Incense Cones & Sticks

backflow incense cones

Purchase incense Cones and sticks from our store now, including backflow cones

Smudge sticks

White sage and palo santo smudge sticks

Purchase white sage and palo santo smudge sticks


Lots ff books

Instant download of ebooks on lots of spiritual and well-being subjects , including meditation, healing, fitness, the mind and many more

Audios & Videos

Lady listening with headphones on

Instant download of audios and videos on spiritual and well-being subjects. Once downloaded you can listen or watch anywhere



Purchase raw crystals and crystal jewellery



Magazines on meditation, yoga, and other spiritual and well-being subjects.

Essential Oils

Essential oil bottles

collection of the finest essential oils, hand selected for a wide range of therapeutic and aromatic needs.  100% pure quality, sourced worldwide 


Jewellery in a shop

Purchase affordable jewellery in different styles and materials for the person who is looking for something different.